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Friends on the Web

Erin Dewey * Raeanne Dewey * Mark Donohue * Michel Gerber * Kevin Hilman * Mike Janssen * Jeff Martin * Rebecca Odegaard * Alana Olson * Mark Olson * Joe Rival * Mark Sholund * Dave Swanson *

Mark Olson

Check out my dad's page on Turbine Cars, trains, and his other obsessions :) He puts a lot more work into his page than I do....

Alana Olson

Ahh, my little sister's beautiful home page. She's actually given me a lot of ideas for changes to my page; that's pretty good for a self-taught history major turned computer geek!

Mark Sholund

Mark and I went to school together from Junior High through college. But now that the bum is out in Baltimore, he doesn't have the common decency to put up a web page for me to link to. So I'll link to his old, dead page and blame the dead link on him!

Mark Donohue

The other Mark :) and I have done many things together in the four years I've called him a friend. Check out his stylish home page!

Mark Sargent

Sarge has what may possibly be the most interesting life ever lived. Or at least, it seems that way when he tells it. Check out his first attempt to write out his story and see if you agree.

Mike Janssen

Check out Janssen's homepage to see just what we've been up to at InterVarsity, and to ponder our ECE poems... This page will probably go down soon, so hurry!

Jeff Martin

Well, my good friend Jeff, it seems, is a little too busy with his higher education to put up even a simple web page. Maybe this will guilt him into it. But probably not. But Jeff would want you to go here:

Joe Rival

Here's my friend Joe's web page, such as it is. I'm not sure how much longer it will exist, so go view it quick!

Raeanne Dewey

My cousin Raeanne has her own bizarre place on the web. You should check it out, but be afraid... Be very afraid....

Erin Dewey

Here's my cousin Erin's lovely spot on the web. It's just as bizarre as Raeanne's, but somehow less frightening :)

Kevin Hilman

The greatest UNIX guru I have personally known, Kev is a friend and sometimes mentor to novices like me....

Dave Swanson

Dave? When are you gonna put up a web page Dave? Hmm, he's not answering. Well, he's a great guy anyway. And boy can he down the pixie sticks...

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