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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity is an inter-denominational Christian group for college students, and it is one of the most exciting groups I've ever belonged to. Throughout my college years, I've learned more about myself, my walk with God, and what it truly means to serve him through IV than through any other group. But even more importantly, I've met my closest friends there. If it's fellowship you seek, check out InterVarsity (available at fine college campuses everywhere).

Twin Cities Bible Church

My church home in Urbana, this church has a great ministry on the UIUC campus and in the community. And despite his horrible puns and love for the Cubs, Pastor Bill Meier is a wonderful preacher and a great guy. The church has a good blend of young and old, and many of my close friends attend. Check it out if you're ever in the neighborhood.

Mount of Olives Baptist Church

I'm not sure whether to call this my home church or my church away from home. My parents attend Mount of Olives, and I grew up with many of the people there, so in a sense it feels like home. On the other hand, I really feel connected to the church I attend in Urbana,
Twin Cities Bible Church, so in some sense, that's my church home now. In any event, Pastor Duncan Ross is a brilliant preacher: Check out his sermon transcripts on their website and see for yourself.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Here's the lovely university where I'm currently doing graduate work, hoping to get a Master's in Electrical & Computer Engineering very soon. It's a wonderful school, and a decent town, but Central Illinois is not a pretty place to live. I really hope I'm just passing through....

University of Minnesota, Duluth

Perhaps not the most prestigeous school in the world, UMD has a lot to offer. I'm happy with the education I received, and the 2 degrees as well. But more than that, I enjoyed my time there and enjoyed the natural beauty around there. Believe me, after living in Central Illinois for even a short time, you begin to appreciate how beautiful Minnesota really is.

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