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"Burning Rubber Tires"
from Pod People

Transcribed by Lisa Jenkins

[In the satellite: 'Bots are all dressed as women, Joel wears headphones, stands next to a mic]

JOEL: All right! All right, let's do it again! You come in late girls, again, you're out. All right?

['Bots moan]

All right, from the top.

[music starts]
With a pickled mind,
We kick the nipple beer.
Steady as a goat,
We're flying over trout.
Getto down the highway
At the speed of light.
All I want to feel now is
The wind in my eyes.
Sack of monkeys in my pocket,
My sister's ready to go.

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Hear the engines roar now.

GYPSY: Hear the engines roar now.

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Idiot control now.

GYPSY: Idiot control now.

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Hideous control now.

GYPSY: Hideous control now.

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Nitty on the road now.

GYPSY: Nitty on the road now.

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Midi in control,
Wheels on fire,
Burning rubber tires!

GYPSY: Rubber tires!

[In Deep 13:]

DR. FORRESTER: He's pretty good.

FRANK: Good? He's the BEST!

[In the satellite:]

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Near each other rolls now. [?]

GYPSY: Near--now.

JOEL, TOM & CROW: He really lets me go now.

GYPSY: He--let--go.

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Needy inches bow down.

GYPSY: Bow down!

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Pity and a poor boy.

GYPSY: Poor boy!

JOEL, TOM & CROW: Hear the X's roll,
Peas on fire,
Burning rubber tires.

GYPSY: Tires!

[In Deep 13:]

DR. FORRESTER: Oh great.


DR. FORRESTER: Pretty good.

FRANK: Yeah!

DR. FORRESTER: Whadda ya think?

[In the satellite:]

JOEL: It stinks!

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