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"Commando Cody Song"
from Project Moonbase

Transcribed by Lynn-Anne Friese

[In theater:]

TOM: You are watching Commando Cody
And it's a new character from Republic.
He gets in trouble every week
But he's saved by editing.

Just a tweak of the nipple sends him on his way
A pumpkin head and a rocket-pack, he'll save the day.

JOEL: His laboratory is a boxing ring.
When bad guys come to mix it up,
Somebody always gets kidnapped,
And Cody has to fix it up.

He drinks his tea at Al's cafe'
And flies along on wires.
He beats up crooks and flies with hooks
And puts out forest fires.

CROW: Bad guys beware, Cody is there.
You'll like his hair, it's under his helmet 'cause we couldn't think of a good rhyme
And that's the end of the Commando Cody theme song,
So sit right back (and) with a will of granite
And watch chapter 8 "The Enemy Planet."

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