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"City Rap"
from City Limits

Transcribed by Michael "Pinski" Lipinski

[On the Satellite, rap beat in background:]

JOEL: Word up, blood. Hey homey.

CROW: The movie was lousy,
You really could tell.
The only thing I liked was Kim Cattrall.
K-k-k-im, K-k-k-im, K-k-k,
K-k-k, K-k-k, Kim, Kim Cattrall.

TOM: It was really stupid,
It was way to long.
It stared Robby Benson and Rae Dawn Chong.
Ch-ch-Rae, Ch-ch-Chong, Chong, R-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-Rae.

JOEL: I thought that Sidehackin' really was bad.
I thought The Mighty Jack really made me mad.
I thought Pod People really was the pits,
But the stupidest movie was the biggest piece of--

CROW: [speaking] Hey! Shut your mouth.

JOEL: I was just talking about City Limits.

TOM: We can, well we can't dig it actually. [rapping again]

I wish I could see Citizen Kane.
I wish I could see the rule of the Kane.
I wish I could view Seven Samurai,
But every film I see make me want to die.

CROW: Something going down in this town.
Something in the air that you can feel on the ground.
You know it's suppose to really excite me,
But all I can say is, "No! Bite me!"

'BOTS: Bite me! B-b-b-bite me! Bite.

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