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"The Girl In Lover's Lane Theme"
from The Girl In Lover's Lane

Transcribed by Michael "Pinski" Lipinski

[On the Satellite: Bongo beat and then loud trumpet bleat]


[rest of music starts]

TOM: Whoo, Whoa. It's got me there. [singing:]

The Girl in Lovers Lane,

CROW: With Jackie Elam not Jack LaLanne.

TOM: Not LaLa-a-a-a-a-nne.

JOEL: And lots of actors, [starts snapping]
There's no time to name.

CROW: A screenplay by Jo Heims that's pretty lame.

[snapping stops]

TOM: Pretty lame.
The entire crew feels a sense of shame,
If only they had Eithel Brain[?],
They could attain
A measure of shame
From a film like "Shane".
But nooooo,
To their dismay,
The Girl In Lovers Lane.

[whip crack sound]

CROW: The Girl In Lovers Lane.

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