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"The Greatest Frank of All"
from Village of the Giants

Transcribed by Alana Olson

A LARGE (~850K unzipped) audio file (.au) is available for this song here.

[On the Satellite:]

MIKE: Hey hey hey guys. Look, I bet that's Frank.

[Hexfield shows Frank in closet]

FRANK: Hi Mike. Hi 'Bots. I just called to say goodbye. You guys have been the best victims a fella could ever want. (Gulp) Thanks.

MIKE: Aw, Frank. We'll miss you too, but we'll always remember the good times.

CROW: In fact, we have remembered the good times. Cambot helped us. Hit it. TV's Frank, this one's for you.

[music starts]

MIKE: It's goin' out to a very special friend.

[Shots of Frank from previous episodes shown throughout]

Frank, the sun never shone upon our love before,
Until there was Frank.

CROW: Up for you from me to you
Sweet floppy Frank
We've had a lifetime of Frank.

MIKE: Endless Frank will always flow
For all we know.

TOM: For all we know.
Right from the first day
I knew your name
I never knew love was the same.

MIKE: Never knew love was the same.

TOM: Hopin' to find
Sweet Frank on the line,
Nothin' but sweet lovin' Frank.

CROW: [simultaneously with Mike's next line]

Cause it's Frank

MIKE: Cause it's knowin' that love
Could be Frank if only
The sun and the moon
Would collide to be Frank.
Let me be frank about Frank,

TOM: Let me be frank about Frank.

MIKE: Let me be frank about Frank,

ALL: Cause Frank is the best Frank
That's ever happened to me.

CROW: Please, please don't go.

MIKE: Goodbye, Frank. You were enjoyed.

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