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"Gypsy Moon"
from Crash of the Moons

Transcribed by Greg Simon and Lisa Jenkins

[On the satellite:]

JOEL: Oh! I hope you're enjoying today's film, and I certainly hope those gypsy moons don't crash. Did you know that the gypsy moons is actually a reference to a popular song title from the 1920s? Mmm hmm. Don't remember? Well, here's our own Tom Servo, Gypsy and Crow to help you out doing their rendition of the Gypsy Moons. Hit it, kids!

TOM: No, I'm tellin' ya, Gypsy, I love you!

GYPSY: Really?

TOM: And I know I've love you, too, if only we could--

CROW: You haven't a chance with a girl like her. It's me she cares for! Isn't that right, Gypsy?

GYPSY: I can't decide.

CROW: Can't decide? Maybe this will help--

[music starts, Servo whistles]

TOM: Ba boom ba boom.

CROW: I can't sleep, or clean my room,
Since you and I first had our swooney swoon--


CROW: --In early June under the clear blue gypsy moon.

GYPSY: Oh, that's nice.

CROW: Thank you.

TOM: No, no, no. Don't listen to him, honey! Listen to me!

GYPSY: I should?

TOM: Lovers have their tune, I know that I was meant for you.

[Crow groans]


TOM: Yes, one and one makes two and that would be just me and you, honey!


TOM: Strollin' arm and arm under a gyp-gyp-gypsy moon.

GYPSY: Oh, very good.

TOM: Take my hand! Oh, you can't.


CROW: In Tom's that are macaroons, his family are all baboons--

[Gypsy laughs]

CROW: --But my love is a typhoon, and, besides, my dad's a...tycoon!

GYPSY: Daddy's got money.

CROW: So come with me under the gyp-gyp-gypsy moon.

TOM: Don't listen to that thin beak over there, listen to me!

I'm a starter for the Bruins, so don't ya leave my heart in ruins--

GYPSY: A hockey player!

TOM: --I've been in a cocoon, but now I sing just like a loon!


TOM: Since you and I sang tunes under the gyp-gyp-gypsy moon.

GYPSY: I have something to say.

CROW: Yeah?

TOM: Tell me! Tell me!

GYPSY: Although I'd just as soon take Nyquil with a spoon
Then listen to you two drone on about the gypsy moon,
If the choice between you too goons
I'd rather date Stacey Coon!

CROW and TOM: [whisper] Stacey Coon?

CROW: I think you judge too soon in this matter of the moon--

GYPSY: I did?

[music changes]

CROW: --'Cause when the lights go out--

TOM: Whoo!

CROW: --And we're sitting on the couch--

GYPSY: Whoo!

[Joel rushes in]

CROW: I'm gonna give ya everything--!

[Joel clamps Crow's mouth down]

JOEL: Stop! Stop! We hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. And now here's our own
Al "Jazzbow" Collins with a message. Never again you guys. That's it.

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