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"Happy Thoughts and Good Things"
from Tormented

Transcribed by Michael "Pinski" Lipinski

[On the satellite:]

JOEL: Happy thoughts and about good things and those happy thoughts and good things will shoo away all those dark, smelly images that are canerping[?] for moisture.

TOM: Oh, like the way sunshine chases away clouds?

JOEL: Yeah.

TOM: Yeah.

CROW: Like the way Lysol Spray erases bathroom odors without heavy perfume?

JOEL & TOM: Yeah.

CROW: And kills household germs in empty garbage cans,

JOEL & TOM: Yeah.

CROW: --empty hampers, toliet areas,

TOM: Yeah.

CROW: --under sinks,

TOM: Yeah.

CROW: --pet areas,

TOM: Yeah.

CROW: --diaper pails,

Tom: Yeah!

CROW: --sick rooms...


CROW: Oh, sorry.

ALL: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

JOEL: Exactly, come on you guys.

[Tom hums "do-didty-do-didty" unless singing. Joel starts singing.]

JOEL: Oh, there's a marshmellow rainbow waiting for you,
with kitties and doggies too.

CROW: And a Super Soaker 2000 too,
and I just got ten dollars from Grandma,
and I don't have to share it with no one.

TOM: And we all get to go to the Belly High Drive in our pajamas,
and watch the Star Wars triple feature, dusk till dawn.

JOEL: And my dad just became really good friends with Mike Conners of Mannix fame,
and he's got me a triple-decker tree house and I'll sleep
down on my ride to my own zoo.

CROW: I'm having Liddy Land dinners for breakfast,
and King Vita-man for dinner,
and the Good Humor truck rolled over in front of my house.

ALL: Do-do-do, whoo, laaaaa, ouuuu.

TOM: And I live in the world of Super Mario Brothers,
and we captured Rommel and gave him to the President,
and he gave me my own half-hour sitcom following Cheers.

CROW: And there's no such--

'BOTS: --thing as girls!

JOEL: [speaking] Oh, wait, I think you want to think about that.

'BOTS: Hmmm?

JOEL: What do you think sirs?

[In Deep 13:]

FRANK: And Mr. Dr. Clayton Forrester
Will switch trains at the train yard,
And there will be a horrible accident,
For which Dr. Forrester will be blamed,
Post-humously of course,
And then the robots and I will become really good friends,
And we'll be roommates with triple bunk beds,
And we will stay up all night talking about
Really cool stuff--

[clicking sound starts]

FRANK: --And they'll think I'm really neat,
And then I'll invite them over to my house,
And we'll....camp....out....and....poopie.

[closing sound from the button]

[Love Theme starts, then big explosion knocks the Love Theme out of key for a moment.]

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