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"My Wild Irish Ireland"
from Alien From L.A.

Transcribed by Alana Olson

[On the Satellite: Mike with concertina]

TOM: No! No! No!

MIKE: Come on, you look great. He looks great doesn't he?

CROW: He does look great. Come on.

[Tom enters in dress]

TOM : OK. You owe me a big favor, Nelson. Shut up, Crow. Don't look at my butt. Can we just get on with this please?

MIKE: O.K., McCambot. Just like we practiced it. "My Wild Irish Ireland"

CROW: Or in the Gaelic, Erin Go-Braless.

MIKE: Crow, don't start. Come on.

CROW: Sorry.

MIKE: Oh, Kathy. Oh, Kathy,
My wild Erin lassie
You're not just an island to me,
With your sparkling green eyes
And skin alabaster
You've stolen my heart, you see.

CROW: Oh Kathy who squeaks
With the voice of an angel
I don't think you're so big of bone.
I'd like to come over and roll in your clover
And kiss your blarney stone.

TOM : [in squeaky voice] Come on big boy.

MIKE: You guys, come on, no improvising.

CROW: Sorry. I was just going with my feelings, you big mush.

MIKE: Let's just skip to the chorus.

ALL: Kathy, Kathy
My soprano lassie
I'll adore you
Till the end of time.

TOM: Little predictable, isn't it, Nelson?

MIKE: Come on, just do your part.

TOM: Oh...

MIKE: No, in the voice.

TOM: [in squeaky singing voice]

Oh Mikey, Oh Mikey
It's you that I likey
You're a bitchin dream (he he he)
With those baby blue things
And the stuff that you wear
And your shoes are really choice (he he he sorry)

TOM: [normal voice] Mike, Mike it's me, Tom. Mike no no Mike, Mike! Tom here! Mike, the chorus.

ALL: Kathy, Kathy
You make me daffy
I will love you
Till the end of time

MIKE: Oh Kathy, compact and
Delicious young Kathy
'Tis only for you that I pine.
I'll make all of your enemies die for their sins

ALL: And love you till movie sign!

MIKE: It's movie sign, let's go!

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