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"Killer Shrews"
from The Killer Shrews

Transcribed by Michael "Pinski" Lipinski
Correction by Sarah Bright

[On the Satellite: Crow and Tom make a game based on the Killer Shrew movie]

TOM: 1, 2, 1-2-3-4.

BOTH: Killer Shrew, Killer Shrew,
Don't know the difference
Between me and you.
It comes out at night
To give you a fright.
Don't look now
But he's gonna take a bite!

TOM: (duh-didty-duh-didty-duh-didty-duh-didty-duh)

BOTH: Killer Shrew, Killer Shrew,
K-I-double-L-E-R Shrew.
He's scary and tough,
If that ain't enough,
He's augmented with
Bath mats and stuff.

Killer Shrew, Killer Shrew,
He's coming to your town

CROW: To--

TOM: To--

BOTH: --get you!

TOM: (dung) Coming through, by Marks!

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