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"Loving Lovers Love"
from Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

Transcribed by Michael "Pinski" Lipinski

[On the satellite: Mike walks in, monkey starts throwing stuff]

MIKE: [humming] ...get your monkeys instantly with... Oh! Crap!

[monkey making ooking sounds]

MIKE: You guys come and do something about your monkey. You guys...oh great now Pearl's calling....

[on Pearl Public TV set]

PEARL: And now a very special preview of a special pledge week special. We are so fortunate to present to you our viewer, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl.

[shows Pearl logo, song starts, clap track starts]

When loving lovers love,
When loving love on wings of gold
In loving love we fly above,
Their love is such a soft and precious love.

It's love.

A lovely love is all we seem to need when
We're in loving love.
But then, it's gone,
It is nothing but a memory.

[another clap track, Observer walks onto set]


PEARL: Memory.


PEARL: And then it's back,
And loving lovers love again.

OBSERVER: Who knows where it flies?

PEARL: The lustrous love must rise,

OBSERVER: Into the endless skies.

PEARL: A new day shining bright,

OBSERVER: Your heart has wings to fly,

PEARL: And no one else can fly.

OBSERVER: I really can't say why,

PEARL: I really do like pie.

OBSERVER: I know a couple of guys,

PEARL: They really do like pie.

BOTH: And loving lovers love as loving lovers love,
Golden, shimmering, lustrous, lovely, loving,
Loving love.

[music ends, clap track]

PEARL: Umm. What a performer. The lovely, leggy, Pearl Forester.

BOBO: Hey, I can sing too. And now you find yourself in '82....

[back on SOL:]

Mike: [taunting the monkey] Come on fur face. Is that all you got banana breath? Come on, show me something good. Oh, ok. It must be my birthday. Here it comes. Oooooh, ow.

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