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"What a Pleasant Journey"
from The Girl In Lover's Lane

Lyrics: Frank Conniff
Music: Michael J. Nelson
Transcribed by Matthew Olson

[On the SOL:]

JOEL: Hey, Cambot, could you do that music again?

TOM: Yeah, sure.

JOEL: [in balladeer voice] Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Joel Robinson, and there's nothin' that sets my heart a-wanderin' like the sound of a train whistle. Tom?

TOM: The call to the open road. The urge to chuck it all and hop a freight train is one of the most romantic notions of the century. Crow?

CROW: That's why we've decided to write our own train songs. We hope it brings out the same travellin' vagabond, everywhere-I-hang-my-hat-is-home spirit in you. Joel, if you will?

JOEL: Thank you, Crow T. Guthrie. [song starts]

I hear that train comin'
Comin' round the hill.
I hope that is my train,
I better check my schedule.
Oops, that was the train to Appleton,
But it's goin' to Circle Pines.
[Tom whistles, Crow Yeehaws]
And I got twenty minutes to kill,
It's a good thing I brought some magazynes.


TOM: Been ridin' on this old train,
Been ridin' it all night.
I think I'll go to the club car
And get myself a bite.
Mmmm, this tuna melt sammich
Really tastes quite nice.
[spoken] Ohh, I got sesame seeds in the bun.
Plus it comes with cole slaw n' a pickle,
And I must say it's reasonably priced.


CROW: The 5:15 from Duluth,
Oh my, it's just derailed.
The toxic waste is spillin'
The conductor's been impaled.
A benzene cloud has risen,
And the whole town's starting to cough.

JOEL: [Cough, cough. Cough, cough]

CROW: Within a matter of days
All of our skin will fall off.

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