--- MST 3000 Songs! ---

from Horror of Party Beach

Lyrics: Bill Corbett
Music: Michael J. Nelson
Transcribed by Matthew Olson

[On SOL, gang dressed as beach rock stars]

MIKE: Hey everyone. You know, Tom and Crow and I were talkin' about how kids today don't know squat about sodium.

CROW: Yeah, I couldn't have put it better myself, Mike.

TOM: Oh, yeah.

CROW: Why, the shocking lack of sodium taught in the schools today is shocking.

TOM: That's right, Crow. So we asked ourselves, "How? How do we reach kids today about sodium?"

CROW: How, how, how?

MIKE: Through the rock and roll music that the kids seem to like.

[60's rock music starts]

TOM: Hit it! [starts singing, CROW & MIKE sing backup "sodium"]

Soh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh.... [continues through MIKE]

MIKE: [in deep, bass voice]
It's sodium.

TOM: ...oh-di-yuh-hum.

MIKE: It's sodium, baby.

TOM: ...hummmm.

MIKE: Sodium.

TOM: Soh-oh-di-yuh-umm

MIKE: Sodium.

TOM: So-di-uh-ummmmm.

CROW: [spoken as music ends] Sodium.

TOM: Well, if you don't know anything about sodium now, I don't know what else we can do for ya.

CROW: Yeah, you kids with your big pants, and your colored chalk, and your Neve Campbell, and your -- [continues talking as Mike interjects]

MIKE: Sodium, won't you?

CROW: -- fanny packs, and your nerf balls, [continues as Tom interjects]

TOM: Well, we better see what's goin' on with Pearl and them, huh?

CROW: -- and your listenin' to the No Doubts, and your Pong, and your Volkswagon Golf leases, and your notebooks, and the kids with the pierced I-don't-know-what's, the roller skates and the 23 Ski-Doos, and the listening to the Becks, and the...

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