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"Square Dance"
from Bloodlust

Transcribed by Alana Olson and Matthew Olson

[On the Satellite: Dressed for square dancing]

CROW: Yeehaw Cambot!

GYPSY: Yeehaw!

[Mike, Tom, and Gypsy dance while Crow directs]

CROW: Now get in a line
Get in a row
Grab your partner
Here we go!
Swing her high
And swing her low
Don't step on that pretty little toe.
Now promenade!

Woo hoo, Wee haw!

Eatin' turkey, eatin' cornbread
She ain't skinny
She's real well fed.
Allemande left and allemande right,
Allemande left and allemande right.
Now promenade!

Allemande right and form a chain,
Now form a star and circulate to your left.
Ladies chain now do si do, uh,
Allemande and pick ball change.
Uh, um now promenade.

A shake for breakfast,
Shake for lunch,
A sensible meal
That you can munch.
The lowest prices all the time.
Refreshing splash of lemon lime.

[screaming maniacally]

They closed the mine!
The factory's doomed!
Such is England [?]
It's all cruel work to me [?]
Pretty bikers [?]
There's no future!
No future! Aaaaaaah!
Anarchy! Anarchy! Aaaah!

[calmly again]

Now promenade.

MIKE: We got movie sign!

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