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"Love Theme from Mystery Science Theatre"
from opening of Mystery Science Theater 3000
as shown on Comedy Central (1995-present)

Lyrics: The Brains
Music: Charles Erickson and Joel Hodgson

In the not-too-distant future
Way down in Deep 13,
The evil Dr. Forrester
Was hatching a Nasty Scheme.
He hired a temp by the name of Mike,
Just a regular joe he didn't like.
His experiment needed a good test case,
So he conked him on the noggin
And he shot him into space. (Let me down!)

I'll send him cheesy movies,
The worst I can find (la-la-la),
He'll have to sit and watch them all,
And I'll monitor his mind (la-la-la).
Now keep in mind Mike can't control
Where the movies begin or end (la-la-la),
He'll try to keep his sanity
With the help of his robot friends.

Robot Roll Call:
Cambot! (Show yourself!)
Gypsy! (I'm not ready!)
Tom Servo! (Hello there!)
Croooow! (That's one "o"!)

If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
and other science facts (la la la),
Just repeat to yourself, "It's just a show,
I should really just relax
For Mystery Science Theater 3000!"

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