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"Toobular Boobular Joy"
from Outlaw

Transcribed by Matthew Olson

[On the Satellite: Mike & 'Bots dressed like Vaudeville showmen]

TOM: Say fellas, there sure is a lotta skin in this movie, i'n't there?

MIKE: There sure is!

CROW: Yet despite all the acres of flesh in this film, I just can't come up with a word that describes it.

TOM: Well I can!

MIKE: You can?

TOM: Why sure. [starts singing]

It's breastakaboobical, chestakamammical,
Pendular globular fun!

MIKE: Fleshical-orbital moundular-scoopular?

TOM: Right-o, that's the one!

CROW: Is it gluteal maximal, tushital-crackular
Bunular morning 'till night?

TOM: Well, you're absotiglandular, fanny-fantastical,
Mastokafleshular right!

ALL: It's an arealogical, autoerotical, toobular boobular joy,
An exposular-regional, batchical-pouchular fun for girl and boy.
A latissimal-dorsical, hung-like-a-horsical, calipyligical ball,

CROW: The most bunular-funular,

MIKE: Fruit-of-the-loomular,

CROW: Frenchical-tongular,

TOM: Wabitaboobular,

MIKE & CROW: [slowly while Tom sings next lines]

Movie of them all!

TOM: Pendular-funular, fruit-of-the-loomular,
Frenchical-tongular, wabitaboobular,
Chestaka-orbital, smorgastiboobular,
Tushita-ticular ball!

ALL: Hey!

[Gypsy enters]

GYPSY: Hey guys, how's the movie?

ALL: [singing again]

Oh, it's breastakaboobical, chestakamammical,
Pendular globular --

MIKE: Oh, man, we got movie sign!

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