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"Whispering Christmas Warrior"
from Santa Claus

Transcribed by Alana Olson

[On the Satellite: Mike on keyboard, Crow on bass guitar, Tom on electric guitar]

MIKE: Good evening Buffalo! We are Santa Kläws and we have just one question for you. Are you ready to be merry?


MIKE: I said are you ready to be merry?


MIKE: Then stuff this in your stocking. One two three four,

I have slain the grinch,
I have broken his spell.
I am the warrior of Christmas,
The world we will tell.

CROW & TOM: Christmas time
We will free your mind
Let love un-wind.

MIKE: The warrior of Christmas
Has cast out the neon prince.
Hail the new Kläws,
Your hair he will rinse.

CROW & TOM: Silver bells fall from your nose,
Santa Kläws will mist your toes,
Rudolph's found the emperor's clothes.

MIKE: Blitzen, let's explode!
Joy to the world!

Thank you Buffalo. We love you!

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