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"Wild Rebels Cereal"
from Wild Rebels

Transcribed by Johnny Klonaris and Lisa Jenkins

[On the satellite:]

JOEL: We'll be back after this important message. Let's go!

TOM: Get the box, you ready? Cue!


[music starts]

TOM: Yeehoo!

CROW: Whoo!

TOM: 1, 2. 1, 2, 3.

ALL: We're Wild Rebels!
Crunchy, fruity, rebels!
Pouring milk on them is like shooting off a gun.

JOEL: It's Wild Rebels cereal, the nutritious cereal that's like getting hit in the back of the head with a surf board of flavor.

TOM: Look! Marshmallow Fatties!

CROW: Sugary Lindas!

JOEL: I got tangy, twangy Banjos!

TOM: Crunchy Oat Rods!

CROW: And Jeeters too-- Die Jeeter DIE!!

[music stops]

MOM: Kids? What are you doing in there?

ALL: Having a good breakfast, Mom!

[music starts]

TOM: Pour on the milk! 1, 2. 1, 2, 3, 4.

ALL: Wild Rebels!
Punchy, crunchy rebels!
Don't bust your teeth on something sweet and hard!

JOEL: Wild Rebels cereal part of this complete breakfast.

CROW: Hey! There's a cheap surprise inside!

JOEL: I got a gun!

TOM: I got a sawed off pool cue with a leather strap!

CROW: I got a chunk of hose filled with lead shot!

TOM: Awright! Let's take it home!

ALL: They won't get soft or squishy.
Better eat 'em or you're a sissy.
Just pound 'em down you stupid clown--
THEY'RE WILD....!!!!

JOEL: Wild Rebels cereal, just eat 'em.

ALL: Oh! We got movie sign!

[In theater:]

JOEL: Wow, fruity, kookie rebels

TOM: Umm hmmm, nutty.

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